Always learning something new ^^

So I just figured out how to put widgets on my blog. Yay, I'm excited this will come in handy. Next Im going to find a place to put my drawings and Illustrations.



All my animations will be on this site. Its cooler, easier to up load and manage. Take a look. Please leave a comment and enjoy.

...and if you missed this post check out my link under my profile.


CD cover for Portfolio Night

I love these and i don't care what anyone thinks. These are my covers for my CD. I was so indecisive when making them, that and I did them last minute on top of a final paper due on the same day as portfolio night....grr most frustrating all nighter of the semester. But it got done regardless and Porfolio Night was a blast. I'll be making more for family and friends soon. ^^


Sketches for Degree Project

Heres a variety of sketches I've done for degree project. Tried to make them as simple and less complicated as possible cuase the story was complicated enough. I really enjoyed making these characters. The little clay models were my favorite. The guy was a bit tough to decide on but it worked out ok.